Colome Torrontes State 2016

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Winery: Colome

Origin: Upper Calchaquí Valleys,

Salta, Argentina

Composition: 100% Torrontes

Alcohol content: 13,5 %

Acidity: 5 g/l

Vineyard information: Grapes sourced in the Calchaquí Valley from 30 – 60 year old vines are harvested at optimal maturity and hand-sorted at the winery

Aging:             fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks, without oak. For maximum freshness, the wine is aged for three months before bottling

Aroma: with floral notes of roses

Mouth: citrus aromas and a spicy touch

Paring: ideal companion of meals

ethnic groups, such as Mexican, Peruvian and even


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Bodega Colome

Bodega Colomé was founded in 1831, In the year 1854, was introduced the French vines Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon to Colomé in pre-phylloxera. Three vineyards, which date back to those times, still produce grapes that are part of the Colomé Reserva wine. Donald Hess acquired it in 2001.

4 Fincas: Finca Colomé (2,300 masl), whose vineyards are around the winery, Finca El Arenal (2,700 masl) and Finca Altura Máxima (3,111 masl) in the area of Payogasta-Salta and Finca La Brava (1,750 masl) north of the Calchaquí valley

The altitude is one of the most important factors for the development of the vine. At higher altitudes, there is great solar exposure and good thermal amplitude with 20 ° between day and night, factors facilitate the homogeneous and balanced development of the grape


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