On November 14, Het Parool published an article regarding the opening of our shop in De Pijp in Amsterdam, that reflects and represents very well what we want to convey with NotOnlyTinto. Here we share it with you:

“For good wine you need good grapes, but you can also make a bad wine from good grapes,” says Diego Gómez Abuin (47), the Argentine who recently started the wine shop Not Only Tinto at the Sarphatipark.

Everything in the store comes from Argentina. There are many bottles of red wine, but there is also white, bubbles and beer: Not Only Tinto therefore.

In bloom

While Abuin sipped his glass from time to time, he talks about three important regions that can be seen in the map on the wall: Mendoza, Patagonia and Cafayate.

Everywhere it is sunny and dry, but thanks to the Andes there is also water. Abuin appreciates the small wineries, which put all their love into the wine. “In Argentina, new pieces of land are still being discovered, and it is still blooming.”

Wine – especially red – has always been the national drink. Young people, grandfathers and grandmothers: it goes in circles.

Just taste it!

Life happens at the table, whether is eating or drinking. “That’s why a lot of wine stays in the country for the locals,” Abuin says with a grin. Along the walls and on wooden tables are the bottles, priced from € 7 to € 187. If you buy six, you get a discount: even if you want to try different ones.

A couple comes in, looking for the famous Argentinian grape Malbec. “Do you want to taste it?” says Abuin.

It is not possible to buy glasses here – it is not a bar – but it is allowed to be tasted. They cross the creaking wooden floor and sit down. “Good, just taste it.”


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